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Why these steps are written, and for who?       


These three curricula are the first step on the entrance of this century, they pave the way to study Arabic and Islam and step further for those who achieve their implementation.

Firstly the new century demands an advanced approach to study Arabic within new method, in content, and presentation, in logic of thinking, adherent moral standard, an academic steps, is beneficial for all who study Arabic, for children and adults; from age of five years old up to university. The vehicle of carry on learning is the English

Secondly the spiritual steps, to study Islam in its own language, from early childhood to adulthood, to enhance spiritual development on the Right Way for children and adults.

Thirdly Steps on the Straight Path, new approach, to study Islam, for adults in English, for non-Muslim to distinguish between Muslim tradition and Islamic theology, for Muslim to adherent to the Wright Way of Islam.  


The new century demands a new methodology, advanced approaches to the study of Arabic and Islam; in both content and presentation, and attractively comprehended. They are:


§         Firstly, a complete syllabus to learn Arabic, from the age of five years old up to university, for children and adults, for all purposes, an easy way, far from the complexity of grammar and its rules. You can learn languages by their form, style and configuration. The materials are designed according to the age of the student in content and presentation; I took into consideration, the criterion judgment of each word and its meaning, on its own and with its relation to other words. To achieve the expression and the idea that corresponds with the development of thought and to serve its objective fully. It will be appreciated in the next generation.


§         Secondly, Spiritual teachings in Arabic: Islam can not be understood fully in other languages, in the accepted manner, but demands understanding of the Arabic language, rather than, rely on those who convey it by their own expression, from the enormous information spiritual and the commandments, which have to be understood from the origin.

The spiritual steps are an attempt to immunize the natural disposition of children; from a teacher who stun their primordial norm by miss-presenting authentic Islamic doctrine, mixed with Muslim tradition. Such ideas pushed into children’s perception; create confusion in their minds about Islam. They will leave it when they attain their freedom. Therefore, to generate spiritual, mindful relationship between them and the Qur’an, then they can create a relationship with God, through moral relationship and service to His creation, apart from ritual service and no more.


§         Thirdly, Steps on the Straight Path; in English a stand for Islam: God revealed the regulations of social life for all His creations, He inspired them to non Muslims, they act upon them partly, more than Muslims, and revealed His Spiritual Moral Law; God’s Decree, as well as that , He inspired it to everyone, that ‘What goes around comes around’. Therefore God passed His judgment on intention and action over everyone, who ignorantly called it fate or misfortune, besides that He revealed the program of Right Belief, for those who want to establish a relationship with Him; not only through worship but conditionally applying the code of morals, privately and in social life. Do Muslims do so?


        These steps are persuasive in enjoining Muslims, in particular the youth, to having a spiritual infusion, to safeguard their beliefs in relation to moral actions. To non-Muslims and researchers in this field of study and the mass media, it allows them to distinguish clearly the differences between Muslim thoughts and their behaviours and Islamic theology and its conducts, to weed out what has been misunderstood about Islam by Muslims and non-Muslims; such as, Islamic countries, Islamic civilisation, Islamic Bank, Islamic terrorism: Is God a terrorist or are some Muslims? Islamic agreement Christianity and Judaism, the harmony is between them and God, God appointed no one to speak on His behalf including Muslims; so should be the harmony between Muslims, Christians and Jews.


At the end of each topic discussions between Muslims and non-Muslims, this discussion can be produce into Television Series. A producer can take a permission to do so, As well as for Arabic and spiritual steps.


        These three curriculums, within their three dimensions aim to immunize Arabic children to understand the Arabic language, logic of thinking, adherent moral standard, and for Muslim children, to enhance spirituality on the Right Way. For adults, Academic steps, is beneficial for all who study Arabic or Islamic study at all levels.


        Placing them on the Internet, before publication, aims to generate support and assistance to those who are interested in these fields.  

        For the contribution of reviewing and feedback on topics or any other suggestions   

        The payment for each step; is a contribution for the speeding of publication. (All right reserved for the trust, if you make other copies you should pay fore it as well.)

        They will be linked into E-Learning, any extra information will be considered.

Perhaps the readers are interested to know about the writer. Then they should be interested, in the pearl not in the shell, they should be interested in the wisdom that has been written not the writer. In simple way, he is below the normal standardisation, but these books are the best of what have been written in these fields? They will be the starting point for the developing programmes of study in the future. 


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